The Governing Board is the official parent body of the school and concerns itself with issues which affect the school community as a whole. It is composed of parents, teachers, non-teaching and support staff, daycare, and community representatives.

GOVERNING BOARD Members 2023-24
Chairperson Hadas Noama
Parent Members
Parents Apostolos Kouzoukas
Parents Bharathi Srikakolapu
Parents Tori Kennedy
Staff - Teacher Members
Teacher Diana Piazza
Teacher Angie Vogas
Teacher Sorina Chis
Daycare Technician Angela Zambito 
Principal George Koutsoulis

Governing Board Documents

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More information on Governing Boards can be found by consulting the EMSB website by clicking on the link below:

School Governing Boards

GB Meeting Dates 2023-24

Please note that the Governing Board meetings will be held online for the 2023-24 school year. Should you wish to attend a meeting, please make a request for a link to the meeting the Friday before the meeting is scheduled using the email link below

Click here to request the link