Teachers by Grade

Our teaching staff is dedicated to your child's educational success. Whether inside the classroom or out, they work very hard throughout the school year to make sure that your child gets every educational opportunity available.

ASD Early Stimulation - K Lilian Escudero Vizarraga Room: 9
ASD Junior Chelsea Weiner Room: 1
ASD Class Intermediate Cynthia Yee Room: 5
ASD Class Intermediate Jannatul Nabi Room: 14
ASD Class Senior Shelley Sokoloff Room: 7
Pre-K Angie Vogas Room: 3
Pre-K Amanda Agostino (replacing Fotini Maniatis) Room: 3A
Kindergarten Uwarna Markandu & Teng Teng Chong (Wed) Room: 6
Kindergarten Jackie Dare Room: 8
Kindergarten Amanda Bucci Room: 4
Grade 1 Zineb Hamdine Room: 12
Grade 1/Resource Hajra Nawaz Room: 13
Grade 2 Peggy Vougiouklis Room: 10
Grade 2 Michelle Maalouf Room: 11
Grade 2 Karen Buxton Room: 17
Grade 3 Stephanie Zinicola Room: 20
Grade 3 Mary Tsoupanarias Room: 22
Grade 4 Jennifer Poupart Room: 21
Grade 4 Sabrina Carbone & Teng Teng Chong (Mon &Tue)
Myrnelle (Sandra) Crawford
Room: 19
Grade 5 Angie Mantzikas & Margarita Poulakis (Tue) Room: 18
Grade 5 Mary Kanellopoulos & Diana Bavis Room: 27
Grade 6 Karolyn Liverman Room: 25
Grade 6 Alissa Levitt Room: 30
Jr. Language Class Nancy Zafiris Room: 15
Inter. Language Class Janna Maggio Room: 23
Senior language Class Kristen Keyes Room: 29
ERC/Drama Suzie Elmaliotis Room: 16
Phys. Ed/Health Matthew Guy Room: Gym
Phys. Ed/Health Diana Piazza Room: Gym

Resource and Floater Teachers

French Second Language: (100%) Nathalie Pethiot Room:16
French Second Language: (100%) Cynthia Chaumont Room: 16
Resource Teacher: (100%) Frances Katsaros Room: 24
Resource Teacher: (100%) Donna Bramwell Room: 24
Floater: (100%) Jennifer Maselli Room: 26